Friday, November 6, 2009



Our whole concept revolves around the fact that people are unhappy/grumpy when their feet are sore. Crocs are renowned for their comfort (it’s almost an “excuse” to wear them when someone asks you why you have a pair) and can therefore keep you in a better a better mood by keeping your feet comfortable.

To extend this thought, we wanted to imply that all the bad things that happened in history were caused by people in bad shoes that made them grumpy. In our poster and online campaign, we said that crocs can basically cure bad moods with comfort, charity and other good deeds. All they had to do was join the Comfort Movement.

Art direction: Max pazak
Copy: Liza Whitehead
Creative Directors: Riaan Swart

Monday, November 2, 2009


This brief was our first brief with a copywriter, the original copy was done by a copywriter in my class called Johan, but i recently asked my copywriter (Liza Whitehead) to rewrite the copy for me, as I wasn't happy with the original text.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Social media Guru

I thought this a really funny industry joke, and just had to post it.

check it out at Als two cents

Tempo Power Nut

This was a brief for a TV ad, its just an anamatic which is a scamp in moving form, its just to get the idea of what we did. this was only our second brief in third year, so its not the greatest it can be, since i also had only used the program for the first time, now that i look at in retrospect, its not so bad. The New Tempo Nutty Chocolates Unique selling proposition was that it now has nuts, so we went with the concept of, Profoundly nutty thinking, and profound questions that people ask themselves, like, how deep would the ocean be if sponges didn't live there.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jack Black Beer

citizens on, , each one voicing a bold In this brief, we had to create a Micro website for an alcohol brand, considering the fact that alcohol advertising in South Africa is slowly all becoming dark marketing. So we chose Jack Black Beer as our brand and created an offline and online campaign, our micro site was a social network that allowed South Africans to comment or complain about any of the systems in the country, like the financial system, or education system, or even politics. And every time you do voice your opinion you get awarded points and thus a ranking system was created whereby we could award prizes and thus get people coming back to the site again, again and again, which was the main goal. Our offline campaign was a series of posters that had quotes of what Jackvilleopinion, thus getting people interested in the site.

here's our creative rationale,

Jackville: The Opinionated Town

Opinionated Citizens Wanted!
Taking into account the cowboy/outlaw quality of the Jack Black beer brand, we created a website that would function as a social network where users could voice their opinions on any issues regarding South Africa. Hence,
“Jackville: The Opinionated Town”.
When you sign up on, you receive a passport via email, which allows you to then speak out by means of either a comment or complaint. Your objective is to reach sheriff status within a ranking system based on votes. The town is democratic, therefore, users decide who moves
up or down in rank by giving either negative or positive votes for opinions.
If you are voted into the sheriff’s office, you will automatically have more
authority than the other townsfolk and you are the only citizen who is allowed to bring guests to exclusive events. One fortunate sheriff will stand a chance to win a party sponsored by Jack Black. So stand up and voice your opinion!

Social Media Network Campaign

The microsite has Facebook and Twitter chicklets.

Twitter: Comments on the microsite can be ‘retweeted’, encouraging more people to explore and voice their opinion.
Every ‘retweet’ comes with a built in phrase that reads: “what’s your
opinion?”, as well as the url.

Facebook: A facebook group for all Jackville citizens sends out regular posts about exclusive events. Facebook users who are not members of the microsite are able to browse, but they cannot comment in the group and will not receive invitations to events.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fairview Feta

The Fairview farm has been making cheese for long over 300 years and for some reason they only decided to produce feta now, so we had to come up with posters, packaging, and print ads. We worked in groups and were two art directors, two copywriters and a million marketers who just seemed to get in the way or do nothing. In the end it all worked out great and Fairview liked our work immensely.

Art Directors: Max Pazak, Josh Foster
Copywriters: Liza Whitehead, Chris De Villiers


During the elections this year, we were asked to come up with tactical ads for McDonald's, newspaper and poster. we were only allowed to use red, white and yellow, and also black for type. So we didn't have much to go on, and we also only had a week. We were asked to promote the election special for McDonald's, where you get a free burger for every burger you buy. note: the pages that have full bleed are in store posters, and the pages with the white borders are newspaper ads.